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Top ten albums of 2010

For the third year in a row, I will personally post a list, celebrating the glorious music year that has passed upon us. There are several things that stand out for this year and it's the ABNORMAL huge amount of good music being out!

It is surreal that so many great albums are out and I had a very hard time to pick my favorites. However, after much thought, listening, discussions and soul-searching, I discovered these following albums to be my personal favorite ones for 2010.

It is a mixture of Swedish power, Electronic music, Hiphop, Post-rock and even movie scores.

< 10. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Soundtrack >
When they first planned the sequel for Tron, one band was mentioned to do the musical score. One band only. Daft Punk. French Legends. I saw the movie (which was...okay, but not that overwhelming good) and the music just melts in the different scenes of the movie. The ambient sound of "Son of Flynn", reminds me a lot of Voyager from the now legendary Discovery album, the smooth beats of End of Line covers all you need to know about Tron and...the fighting-feast-music-of-epicness Derezzed.

The album itself might just be one of the greatest OST out this year, just closely edging out the soundtrack for The Social Network.

- Favorite track: "Son of Flynn" and "End of Line"

< 9. Euphoria - Eternal Gift of the Moment >
Japanese Post-Rockers Euphoria are probably unknown to the most of you, but for me, Post-rock and specifically, Japanese Post-Rock, is unbelievable good. Bands such as té, toe, sgt., miaou etc are some of the most amazing post-rock I have heard in awhile, and Euphoria are no exceptions.

They mix great ambient sounds with minimalistic guitar sounds such as in opening tune of "Moment", not to mention the simple layout of "Shining" and also, my personal favorite, "Happiness" which brings so many elements into one single arrangement and makes you, well, smile.

All in all, probably the most surprising and beautiful post-rock album this year. No doubt about that.

- Favorite track: "Happiness"

< 8. Hot Chip - One Life Stand >

Oh Hot Chip...what cannot you guys do? This album shines confidence, love, belief and serious business. The entire album consists of several decent tracks that mixes, toys and makes you all alive. It has a scent of 80s feel but also mixed with unbelievable great beats and feel. And that is what I believe Hot Chip wants you to do. To feel.

- Favorite track: "One Life Stand"

< 7. Robyn - Body Talk >

It is very hard to believe that Robyn started out to be the new pop-sensation that the little nordic country Sweden (my home for the last 20 years) was going to produce. She had the talent but sadly she did not achieve the amount of success one would think she was capable of. Now, some ten years later, she changed direction and probably made the greatest electro-pop-female-vocalist album of the year. Remember how last year bloomed with tones of female vocalists with electrobeats? Well, I am glad that Robyn took her time and produced this masterpiece. She is leading and she is doing it with pride.

- Favorite track: "Indestructible" and "None of Dem" feat. Röyksopp.

< 6. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II >

Oh ho ho ho...Crystal Castles. This couple DOMINATES the electronic scene right now. The sequel to their self-titled debut album is just absolutely stunning. The voice of Alice Glass is just stunning on some tracks and just grabs you by the throat and makes you choke but in a good and erotic way. She dominates because she knows that she can. The entire band has proven that they have matured and paved way for some unbelievable decent and yet heavy tracks. Baptism blows you away and makes you want to grab the cutest girl in the joint, dance with her and later caress that body of hers, Violent Dreams makes you want to bring her home, touch her body and later just make her squeal of excitement. Birds is rough, tough and chewy, Pap Smear is on drugs and Suffocation makes you think of the 70s.

As said before: "Crystal Castles would be the background music for the Mario games...if Mario had eaten a different kind of mushroom..."

- Favorite track: "Baptism", "Pap Smear" and "Celestica"

< 5. Beach House - Teen Dream > & < Vampire Weekend - Contra >
I just could not leave these two wonderful indie groups out. Vampire Weekend, you all know but Beach House are somewhat unfamiliar to some people but their third album just shows that they are talented as FUCK. Songs about love, feelings and Norway just shows that you do not need fancy things to create beautiful music. It is just enough for some simple arrangements.

Vampire Weekends second album "Contra" is...one of its kind. It sounds more happy, cutesy and...beautiful. Horchata is sweet with its mixture of electronic tunes with pacific sounds, Run makes you stay and breathe in the tunes and overall the style of Vampire Weekend just continues to impress.

- Favorite track: "Horchata", "Run", "Taxi Cab" - "Walk in the Park", "Norway", "Take Care"

< 4. Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night > and < Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz >
Sarah and Sufjan. What would the world of singer/songwriters do without you two?

Sarah Blasko is a goddess among women. Imogen, Regina and Sarah. These three women dominate this scene. Her lyrics, her songs, her voice and her commitment to create wonderful music makes things feel real. This album was produced by swedish mastermind Björn behind Peter, Björn and John and you can feel his way of handling the musical aspect of her songs. Her lyrics and voice just fits into his beautiful arrangement.

Sufjan. Oh Sufjan. You are such a troll. Claiming a sexual project of making one album for every state in America and later claiming it was all a PR-stunt. You TROLL. But we still LOVE you for some of the works you have done. The Age of Adz is just fitting for your "return" to the scene. The more darker feel, the more heavier tunes, the more...weirder vibrations creates a decent cocktail mixture of right tunes and the right moment. Sufjan may have changed his way of musical direction but it still proves that he can do things great. And this time, he did not do it great. He did it amazingly.

- Favorite track: "We Won't Run" - " Age of Adz" and "Get Real Get Right"

< 3. She & Him - Volume Two >
She & Him. They never upset me. The second album just showed you that Zooeys cool calm voice is everything that you need in order to create sweet, soft and decent music. Her lyrical ability proved so soothing in some areas that you feel all warm and giddy inside.

The album itself just shows you that these two have matured. Zooey may look like "indie" and "none-plastic" version of Katy Perry, but the only difference is that Zooey is much more talented. She is cute. And her music is cute. Enough said.

- Favorite track: "Don't look back" and "Me and You"

< 2. Jónsi - Go >
When Sígur Ros announced that they were going on a hiatus, the world seemed to cry and feel grief over the death of excellent ambient music. However, Jónsi, the lead singer, released this unbelievable masterpiece. His soothing, high-pitched, and calm voice completed some of his unbelievable executions and made this album, something warm, cold, soft, hard, light, heavy and soothing at the same time. I do not know how this man keeps creating these unbelievable tunes, some that actually have the ability to pierce into your heart, mind and soul, keeping everything in tact while doing so.

Very few songs written by him during his time in Sígur Ros and as solo-artist have made me shed tears of the pure beauty and sensational feeling that he creates with his songs. It is beautiful and when you are listening to it, you seem to be floating in the skies, with the stars falling pass you. It is a miracle and a salvation, and quite possibly...the most suitable ending and beginning for Sígur Ros.

- Favorite track: "Animal Arithmetic", "Boy Lilikoi" and "Go Do"

< 1. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy >
If god would say, "I want to create the best rapper, lyrics writer and MC...what name shall he have?", he would name him Kanye West. The fourth album just blows you away with the different beats, lyrical execution and theme.

Kanye has never ever loss his touch of lyrical poetry, sound management and expressions. It really doesn't need any introduction. He may be a stuffed up asshole to some but when it comes down the creativity of this individual, you cannot fault him. He is simply that stunning in his way of writing. And it just proven to be just the case for Kanye. You cannot find any faults in this album.

He claim to be the greatest MC to be alive.

After this album, I cannot argue with him anymore. He _is_ the greatest MC.

- Favorite track: Everything.

Honorable mentions:

- Please, check them out if you have the time.-

< Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More >
< a picture of her - a fanatic socialist looked at the stars >
< Miike Snow - Miike Snow >
< MGMT - Congratulations >
< Trent Reznor - The Social Network >
< Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires >
< So Nyuh Shi Dae - Oh! >
< So Nyuh Shi Dae - Hoot >
< Olafur Arnalds - ...And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness >
< Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest >
< Delphic - Delphic >
< Florence and the Machine - Lungs >
< Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca >
< Broken Bells - Broken Bells >
< Mr.Children - SENSE >
< té - Aete Rikai wo Nozomi Motsuretsuku Onsei ya Moji no Wakugai deno ”Yakusoku” wo >
< Haruka Nakamura - Twilight >

This concludes my list of top ten albums for the year 2010. Let's hope that 2011 will provide the equal amount of wonderful albums out.

A more personal update will be made once I...get some sleep? It is fucking 5am.

- T